About the Program

  • Mindful Motivated and Masterful: Mental Wellbeing

Have you ever felt stuck? Sometimes it can seem as if we are going around in circles… never really getting to where we’d like to be with our personal and professional goals. Through this program you will gain inner awareness of what is causing a sense of limitation and stress. You will recognize and release symptoms of stress and burnout all while maintaining healthy boundaries. Boundaries, defining what success and happiness mean to you and other tool of mental control will be what you leave with.

Life may throw you a curve ball once in a while , but with this program you won’t have to be overwhelmed and not know what to do ever again.

  • Fit+Healthy 365: Physical Wellbeing

This program will teach you how to recognize signs and symptoms of burnout, the differences between being stressed and being burnt out , and how to keep exhaustion and burnout from slowing you down.

Physical activity doesn’t have to be long or boring. Together we will set you on the way to success with exercise, create the most effective types of exercise for you and your goals, and find ways  to increase daily physical activity despite a busy work/life schedule.

What you eat, or don’t eat, can have a significant impact on your energy levels and productivity. I will share with you  a general explanation of how diet affects the brain and hormones, which food should be consumed and which should be avoided, and what vitamins, minerals and supplements are helpful for good continuous and sustainable physical health.

  • Better Life Performance: Lifestyle Wellbeing

Do you feel stuck in your job or secretly know you are capable of so much more? This program is all about you and your best life possible. You will uncover what is off-kilter in your personal and family life, your career, your health and your spirit. You will walk away with the skills to easily identify blocks holding you back and how to use these easily learned techniques to help you self manage when life gets in the way. You will also discover how to find your passion and purpose in life and what your dream life can be. Yes, you will leave knowing your life purpose, with a personalized roadmap to create your best life and a personalized lifestyle plan including the essential techniques to help yourself to easily create positive lasting changes.

  • Habits for Success: Self-Growth Wellbeing

Have you set all the right intentions but haven’t quite gotten the momentum you’re looking for?

This Program is designed to help you recognize the habits that don’t contribute to your success, and develop the self-management skills to you shine and prosper in your professional and personal life.

You will pinpoint what is holding you back with the help of the facilitator and take a proactive approach to confront these challenges. Discover how to use your willpower to achieve your goals and prioritize your time to create work-life harmony to create the habits to maintain this new found positive changes you’re implementing in your life.