Drama Therapy

Are you thinking about creating new habits in your life that will serve you and lead you towards a living the life you want? Do you feel trapped in behaviour patterns that are holding you back?

Are you looking for the right safe place to explore your behaviour patterns and self views and start developing ones you want to practice?

If you’re looking for the right environment to work on developing new habits and patters of your own design with the guidance of a counselor and coach then this program is for you.

The Conversation Centre is presenting a new to Ottawa Drama Therapy program which uses the processes of dramaturgy and improvisation processes

Our Drama Therapy program gives participants a safe spaceĀ  to tell their stories, set personal development goals, solve problems they don’t know who to discuss with and express raw feelings it’s hard to unearth . The result are the first steps towards behaviour change, emotional mastery and boundary setting skills.

In this program we will reflect on critical moments in our daily lives and relationships that present an opportunity to recognize our behavior patterns and start forming the right ones of our own design.

Led by a licensed coach and counselor, this 6 module group program will help participants find the right steps to creating the life and habits they want in a fun and engaging way that will make it easy to internalize the truths found within.