FAQ’s  created to answer questions I get frequently asked and to make it easy for you to know if you want or need to hire a Mediator. I call it Mediation What’s What.

  • What is Mediation?

Mediation is an informal settlement process. The parties confirm their intention to participate in this mediation process in good faith in order to seek a consensual resolution of the matters between them.

Your lawyers, accountants, and other trusted advisors are indispensable. But, working alone, they often don’t have all the expertise needed in dealing with serious business conflict among partners. A Mediator can offer you:

  • Workable business solutions.
  • Restored interpersonal trust and fairness.
  • Clear, detailed agreements determined collaboratively by the partners.
  • Low cost relative to litigation and other alternatives.
  • Multidisciplinary expertise.
  • Total impartiality and privacy.
  • Who is a mediator?

The Mediator is an independent neutral facilitator who will assist the parties negotiate their own voluntary settlement of the issues if that is possible. The mediator is not providing legal advice, legal representation or any other form of professional advice.

A Mediator can help you clarify what’s important to you and to understand the interest of the other party. A Mediator will work with you to build your own agreements

There is a wide range of disputes that Mediation can help you with. Each mediator specializes in different areas. From Divorces, Contract Disputes, Business Disputes, Workplace Disputes, Estate Disputes, Neighborhood Disputes, Community Disputes, Elder Mediation, Intergenerational Conflict, Cross-Cultural Conflicts and more. I welcome any questions you may have to see if your situation can be something we can assist with!

  • What kind of Mediation do I do?

I personally specialize in Business Disputes, however my Firm deals with many areas of disputes except Divorces and Separation.

  • Are there different kinds of Mediators?

Absolutely! Everyone has their own approach. Some are more facilitative, some are more observational. I practice Transformative Mediation, because it’s important to me to empower the parties in as many ways possible for the duration of our work together to make sure that the solution to the issue at hand can be attained and the peace kept even after they leave the mediation session. I dive into the trenches of your conflict with you and work closely with you until you’re happy with your solution.

Choosing a Mediator that’s right for both parties is key to success in navigating the dispute process. The right Mediator for you will make you comfortable in knowing they have your back, but will not cater to either party for any reason. A Mediator has to be dedicated to the process of Solution Finding firstly, and never to assigning rights and wrongs and blame.

  • Who can be a Mediator?

Mediation is a regulated profession. Here in Ontario a Licensed Mediator has to be Licensed through a Facilitator with ADRIO (The Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario). Someone who’ve taken a mediation course or a conflict resolution class is not a Licensed Mediator recognized by ADRIO.

Mediators do not provide legal advice. You may wish to get independent legal advice from a lawyer depending on your circumstances.

Each mediation is unique depending on the circumstances. Most include private meetings between the Mediator and each person in the dispute, as well as joint meetings with everyone involved where the mediator helps steer the discussion towards reaching a mutually beneficial agreement to help everyone move on from the situation and continue with their lives.

We work with people who are looking to:

  • Resolve anxiety and stress issues
  • Develop and maintain resiliency and confidence
  • Add more peace and enjoyment to life
  • Grow Emotional Intelligence and Awareness
  • Grow ability to manage conflict, anger and thorny moments in relationships both personal and professional
  • Recognize triggers and learn customized coping skills to deal with distress
  • Facilitate professional growth
  • Learn how to create peace within their home, community and workplace