Unstressed Leader: Keep Calm and Don’t Burn Out

A 12-week live intensive program.
Improve your leadership skills in a stress-free environment. Our facilitators will challenge, support and guide you while sharing their wealth of experience.

You will leave the program inspired with a clear roadmap to a more stress-free everyday leadership experience.

You’re going to walk away with:

~Better mood, without the rollercoaster of highs and lows
~Feeling lighter and more youthful
~Increase in self esteem
~Better sleep and stronger health
~Less wasted time and procrastination
~More time for fun
~Greater confidence in your life and your response to stresses

More information:

  • To read more about our Fabulous Facilitators: Click Here
  • To read more in-depth about the benefits of each session: Click Here
  • To read about the schedule: Click Here

What to expect:

  • 12 week program
  • 4 facilitators
  • All done through zoom live sessions
  • Access to a private group to reach and interact with all 4 facilitators
  • Bonus live meeting and Q&A panel with all 4 facilitators
  • Practical takeaways, tools and skills tailored to the goals of each participant

Sick and tired of all the hassles that come with leadership?
Ready to make your work days inspiring, enjoyable and more satisfying? Grab a seat for our Unstressed Leadership Experience program!

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