Self Leadership Series: The Art of Time Management

The Art Of Time-Management
Design your environment for success

Are you a busy professional, hustling to get things done?
Are you easily distracted?
Are you constantly running into ‘squirrels’ and delaying getting things done?
Do you have dreams you hope to achieve “One Day” when you have more time?
Do you worry that this “One Day” may not come and your dreams won’t be reached?

If so, then this is the right program for you!

Busy entrepreneurs will be able to take back control of their time.
How to manage time, learn how to prioritize your tasks and manage fluctuations in motivation and willpower.

You will learn how to make your habits make your life more enjoyable, instead of them being a hindrance. As you understand how habits are formed and how they affect our lives (triggers, routines, obsession/compulsion/ co-dependency, rewards) you will identify your habits, and which work for you and those that don’t serve you.

DURATION: 1.5 hours + access to online webinars, ebooks, guidelines and more!